Def Leppard said it best “It’s better to burn out than to fade away”. The true bands that have had their time in the big light have run that course. One of the bands that lived that ultimate high is The Ponys band.

The Ponys began carving their niche in the music world in 2001 when their proclaimed leader, Jered Gummere wanted to break into a new genre for that time period. The members of the band were selected from various other bands that were making the circuit in the early parts of 2001. Jered Gummere, Melissa Elias, Brian Case, and Nathan Jerde became the recipe that was to lead The Ponys on their ride to a successful four albums.

Album 1: Laced with romance


Their first album was Laced With Romance. As typical first albums do, this release made a small mark in the indie and post punk genres that The Ponys wanted to infuse their music into. Their second called Celebration Castle came four years after their initial start up. During this 2005 new release The Ponys continued to put in the much needed hard work to succeed in the music industry. As often as possible they would tour to expose their sound to followers throughout the world. The hard work did not go unrewarded. They were able to release a third album, Turn The Lights Out in 2007. Their success took them to the edge of greatness, with only one step left to attain that level of success.

Here was an amazing band that had toured in Europe, with stop over in London. They had made leaps and bounds with their music flavor when playing on a main stage for the elite of the elite at Lollapalooza. The Ponys culminated this incredible journey when they played in Barcelona, Spain in front of a small but fan based crowd. At this point all bands would feel they were living the dream. The same was true for The Ponys band. True to the words of Def Leppard, after disappearing from the music scene for two years, The Ponys were like the Phoenix rising from the flames. Their music was still in the air but their presence had been missing.

The band members simply said they were burned out and needed a break to gather their thoughts and momentum. The touring had taken its toll. The long rides and the world wide trips seemed the dream come true. But for The Ponys it took them away from their start and their roots, simply to play for the audience and write good music.

Did  Marketing Revive The Ponys?

Long before social media marketing services came into play, The Ponys band was trying to find their own manner to appease themselves and the crowd who enjoyed their appeal. The fan base who reached out to them were disappointed and felt let down when the band lost their energy and their drive. Many tours and spotlights with some of the big bands did not entice their fan base to stay as loyal followers. Like any good marketing guru will tell you, the list of followers you have and the list you do not have can make or break a product. In this case the product was The Ponys band. They worked hard and toured the world, but never created a list of followers who in turn would bring more followers aboard.

As a result of the energy less spent the band began to feel the pain of their unproductive ways. They found themselves playing in areas far beyond their fan base. After many hours of driving and riding to various gigs they would often end up with few or close to no one to play for. During this time the band found that their inner relationship was becoming strained. The tension also added to the stress of the slowly vanishing following of fans appearing at their gigs.

When their perspective changed, on who they were and what they wanted to achieve as a band, they knew that in the long run there was no place like home. In order to become The Ponys that many had come to know and love, they need to change. The time away from their passion became a time to rebuild, not their image, but their core. That was the need to write good music and play for appreciative fans.

The Ponys band generously began to make their new appearance in 2009 for their home crowds in the USA. They let their music be spread through the social media networks to allow a mass following of those who had missed the band that so quickly faded away. Now The Ponys have released a fourth album and have found a positive direction. They maintained their original dream of success that was not filled with world stages abroad. Instead they found a place in their homeland that kept them grounded and let them return to the list of followers, their true fans.